Sandon Point

I spent a great deal of time at Sandon Point, Bulli beach, gathering earthly information and vibrations of the sea. Drenched in moments of pure bliss, washed over by a sense of delight and playfulness, these paintings image’s danced around my mind as I allowed myself to be in love with the experience of sitting inside time and staying connected to the immediate power of creation.
Moment after moment of loving myself and to the energy so vibrant and lushes all at the same time. The big O of nature….
I do believe in this painting I have captured it all…
Love to your world may your earthly vibrations be gently surrounding you with passionate loving desires xoxo Red Rebel Tingling with satisfaction.

“Sandon Point” is for Sale.
To purchase or for more information, you can contact Kylie here.

You can also come into the gallery
Price on application.

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