Community of Love – Supporting a Good Cause

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Love of Community

Painting Title = Love of Community for Margaret Biggs and the Illawarra Disability Trust. I'm super excited to announce that this work will be donated to the disability trust for auction at the Illawarra Women in business lunch this Friday...And I adore Margaret Biggs. Poem for the work: Together we stand taller than tall, our … Continue reading Love of Community

Sandon Point

I spent a great deal of time at Sandon Point, Bulli beach, gathering earthly information and vibrations of the sea. Drenched in moments of pure bliss, washed over by a sense of delight and playfulness, these paintings image's danced around my mind as I allowed myself to be in love with the experience of sitting … Continue reading Sandon Point

Wollongong Harbour Day Trip

I have spent may afternoons at Wollongong Harbour, I love the spot. This is my version of fun at the harbour. Its a vibrant painting for a vibrant space. Titled Wollongong Harbour day trip. "Wollongong Harbour Day Trip" is for Sale. To purchase or for more information, you can contact Kylie here. You can also … Continue reading Wollongong Harbour Day Trip

Humming Softly With Passion

Staying with a soft finish with this commission. I'm really loving the gentleness in the role of the boulders and the dancing flickers of ember like vibrations of light that sit with such buoyancy on the passionately swaying red earth. Pulsating moments caught in paint. Medium: Oil on canvas. Size:  Big & tall...Just like my … Continue reading Humming Softly With Passion

Illawarra Women in Business Lunch

This week is the Illawarra Women in Business lunch, with guest speaker Matt Moran. I am a proud sponsor of the Illawarra Women in Business and have painted and donated a painting to be auctioned off at the event. The money from the sale of "The Divine Essence of Dreaming" will go to the Illawarra Disability … Continue reading Illawarra Women in Business Lunch